Nord at Classic

Virtual Vintage Analog

Clavia's latest technology allows you to integrate digital samples in an ananlog environment! Massive waveform capabilities, filters and effects will generate sounds most definitely never heard before.

3 vintage organs in one package. Not just the sound, but the feel and response too. And a roaring overdrive. And a bunch of out-board effects. And several amps. And a rotating speaker.

Clavias award-winning technology and design in a full range stage piano featuring 3 organ types, several electromechanical and acoustic pianos, 3 expressive synthesis systems plus a massive effect section.

The gigging musicians award-winning best friend. Brilliant electro mechanical and acoustic pianos combined with full drawbar organ and stunning effects in a single package. Such a big sound yet so lightweight you won´t believe it!

The first groundbreaking, earthshaking virtual analog synth now available with extra everything; extra voices, extra sounds and extra crisp audio quality.

Be free and create your personal sounds in module style. The best software synth in a hardware package.