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Warmth & Energy!

Classic goes to NAMM 2009


There are 2 reasons Darryl & Bernard go to NAMM.

#1 It’s warmer in California
#2 To see where the energy is in the music biz and bring that back to our clients

It’s amazing how much change has taken place in 1 year. Ironically, the biggest impact on the music industry has come from outside − from the Video Game industry...

Concert Hall

Hear all the fuss!
Now you can hear our users making music at Concert Hall

note: some of our users are professionals and some are amateurs.

Quality may vary but, for the first time ever, regular people are able to access and play good replicas of great pipe organs. - Listen

New Organ $1K

Palace of the Arts

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OK what is all the fuss about? An organist gets excited about a new stop and rightly so ~ it enhances the interpretation and scope of our work.

How excited would you be about an entirely new organ?

Find out more about the new Palace of the Arts Budapest organ sample set...




A-G in Montreal

On a Mission

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On the Eve of Christmas Eve the Classic Organ team installed the Ahlborn- Galanti AG2100 in Montreal just in time for Choir Practice.

Pictured left to right; Veteran digital voicer/ installer Arie Vandenberg, Classic La Belle Provence associate J.R (Rosaire) Houle, Father Giuseppe Costamagna and Classic Organ Work’s Bernard O’Grady

New at CCBME

New B3 and 122XB

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Faithful to the original, the Red Walnut finish fits in nicely with the church’s traditional surroundings.

The search committee from Christ Church British Methodist Episcopal Church landed in our showroom in early December; took one look at the instrument, heard the beautiful tone and said, "That’s the one we want! Can we get it for Christmas?"

...Merry Christmas!




Classic at International Eucharistic Congress

Hauptwerk Console plays to 50,000+

Pope's satellite mass at 49th International Eucharistic Congress Quebec City

Classic Organ's Hauptwerk touchscreen console provided the organ accompanyment for the closing mass of the 49th International Eucharistic Congress in Quebec City June 22nd.

Marc D'Anjou was the organist for the two and a half hour mass. In addition to brilliant solo work, he also accompanied the 500 member choir and the brass ensemble.