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Classic Hauptwerk Touch-Screen Console

"Imagine being able to practice and perform historic Organ literature on a virtual ‘print’ of the original masterpiece..!"

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  • Lightweight
  • Dual Touch Screens
  • Hauptwerk Sound Engine
  • Quality hardware components
  • Headphones and/or speakers
  • Multi-channel capability
  • Voicing capability
  • Competively priced
  • Portable
  • Powerful open architecture
  • Tactile, limitless drawstop configurations
  • ever increasing variety of instruments
  • AGO spec
  • Fashionable, durable, spousal approval :)
  • Practice quietly
  • Equates to multi-rank sound
  • Can be voiced to suit the room
  • Brilliant sounding instrument!

Today, there is hardware and software available that makes it possible to have a very low-cost organ in your home or studio.  At the heart of your home organ is Hauptwerk. Hauptwerk is a computer program with which you load and can then play different pipe organs. You can learn all about Hauptwerk by downloding the e-Book: "Hauptwerk Explained" by Darryl Wood. Get it here.

You can hear thousands of performances done on Hauptwerk-based virtual pipe organs on our "Concert Hall" site. For free!

Unlike many home keyboards and professional synthesizers, Hauptwerk has been designed to take advantage of the high processing power and relatively low cost of computer memory in todays home computers to give a far more accurate rendition of an organ than is possible on most keyboards, synthesizers or samplers. Whereas synthesizers and samplers usually use a few small samples, recorded at intervals across the keyboard and time-stretched to provide the remaining notes, Hauptwerk uses a long recording(sample)for every pipe in the organ. All of these samples are stored in memory (RAM) so that they may be recalled instantly when a key is pressed

Hauptwerk is an instrument that provides organists with flexibility that was unthinkable until recently.

If you already have Classic hardware or wish to build your own console piece by piece you can find the individual components at For package details, information or questions about financing within Canada, please call us at (905) 475 1275 or visit our showroom.

This minimalist console is designed as an elegant, low cost, all-in-one console solution for Hauptwerk users who would like to have a 3-manual practice instrument for their home, school or rehearsal area.

The console package includes true-to-life sounding models of Silbermann, E.M. Skinner and Cavaille-Coll pipe organs from Milan Digital Audio, in your own home. These three different organs allow you to play virtually any classical organ repertoire on period instruments.

It is flat-packable, with special connect hardware that allows you to assemble the entire console using only 4 screws.

Your monitors or touchscreens sit on either side of the key-cheeks to give you virtual stop jams.

There is a reservoir in behind the console to accomodate and access a tower as big as a Mac Pro. Also included is a two-rackspace shelf, with cable channels, to accomodate your other audio gear so that few, if any, wires are visible from the front.

These consoles are available now at