Classic at International Eucharistic Congress

Hauptwerk Console plays to 50,000+

Classic Organ's Hauptwerk touchscreen console provided the organ accompanyment for the closing mass of the 49th International Eucharistic Congress in Quebec City June 22nd.

Marc D'Anjou was the organist for the two and a half hour mass. In addition to brilliant solo work, he also accompanied the 500 member choir and the brass ensemble.

You can watch part of the broadcast via the viewer to the immediate right. Most of the organ work is in the second half of the broadcast starting at 58 minutes in and then again starting around 80 minutes. Unfortunately, some of the best moments are covered in talking. However, it is wonderful to have this clip courtesy of

The Classic Console is powered by a Mac Pro running Hauptwerk III software and Milan Digital Audio's Notre Dame de Metz Cavaille-Coll organ samples.

The new all in one Classic Console allows fine organists the ability to bring their craft to almost any venue. We call these consoles "virtual prints of masterpieces". Many people have seen a print of the Mona Lisa and have then been drawn to see the original. One of the things we are most proud of is how our technologies allow people to bring masterpieces from Cavaille-Coll, Silbermann, Skinner and Schnitger into their homes and concert halls. We hope that people will then be inspired to experience these organs for real and foster an enduring love for fine pipe organs.